Sword-buckler (female): Ukraine-Australia

29 Apr 2017 17:18

Representatives of two quite distant countries met each other on the list of the “Battle of the Nations”-2017. Ukraine’s Irina Ilniczkaya and Australia’s Skye Burnie measured their strength in the “Sword-buckler” category. Numerous people watched the battle, girls gave HMBIA News a small interview.

Irina Ilniczkaya (Ukraine): “Quite an interesting battle. I remember Skye from the “Battle of the Nations” – 2014. I think that she is best among Europeans in our sport”.

Australian fighter, having found out about the kind words of Irina was surprised. Of course, she could not but love the battle with more experienced opponent.

Skye Burnie (Australia): “Really? Irina said that? I can’t believe it! I just do whatever I can. She is much more experienced than I am, she knows how to move better and she has a lot more practice. I loved the battle, it was very interesting”.

Winner in the female “sword-buckler” category

The battle was won by Irina Ilniczkaya, but we are glad that both participants of the Championship are content with it.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania