“Steel Bear” – the Buhurt League in Russia. Results and impressions

15 Nov 2017 17:12
On the 11th of November the tournament “Steel Bear” has successfully taken place in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia). Combats have been held under the Buhurt League system as Challenger tournament, and it is mean that teams already earned their first points in overall League’s ranking.

Fights were in “5 vs 5” and “3 vs 3” categories circle-wise – all teams competed with each other by tern.

The organizer Artem Vasilev satisfied with a debut event and already have plans for the next year:

“As for the first time, the tournament was on very high level! The new list, spacious hall, HMB marshals. Next year can be done more advertising and make the tournament open for public”.

The tournament became the first round of qualification fights for World Championship “Battle of the nations”. And that is mean the orgteam looked narrowly to fighters noticing the best. Artem told about distinguished persons:

“Vostorgin from the “Miedvegata” team has been remembered. He watches the list, moves quickly and makes a good hits with the falchion. The same manner has Kovrigin from “Partizan 2” club but with the poleaxe. From the winner’s team, “PLK”, we can emphasize Tutkarev and Mitrofanov, fighters in Mongolian armor. They took down a lot of rivals and made the fewer mistakes”.

The orgteam positively evaluates creation of the Buhurt League and see a long-term perspective in it:

“This is a great idea, its realization will lead our sport to the new level. The ordinary fighters will get know about HMB-tournaments around the world and attend it, watch the news, lift their teams in the ranking system. League rules lead to the standardization of many things such as team’s outlook, orgteam’s reporting and so on.

Thanks to standardization we will come to recognizing HMB as a sports kind worldwide.

Fighters just started to take apart with Buhurt League. They need more time and answers to their questions”.

Results of the tournament as follows:

“5 vs 5” category:

1st place – “PLK” (Saint Petersburg, Tver)
2st place – “Medvegata” (Perm, Chusuvoy, Glazov, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod)
3st place – “Partizan 2” (Moscow)
4st place – “Partizan 4” (Moscow)
5st place – “Ganza” (Zlatoust, Berezniki, Kurgan, Pavlograd, Saratov)
6st place – “PPH” (Glazov, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod)
7st place – “Ushukuy” (Yoshkar-Ola, Nizhny Novgorod)
8st place – “Vladimir” (Vladimir, Kostroma)

“3 vs 3” category:

1st place – “PPH”
2st place – “Tri medvedya”
3st place – “Ganza”
4st place – “Vladimir”

Best fighter – Nikita Vostorgin


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