Spain: when you have fencing in your blood

07 Feb 2020 15:14

HMB sport is beautiful in its diversity. A variety of weapons, tactical decisions, categories … Duels and mass battles. Here everyone will find a category to their liking. Today we will talk about duels. More specifically, the popularity of dueling categories in Spain. HMBIA News had an interesting conversation with Rodrigo González Ayala, well known HMB representative from this country about this beautiful and noble category. According to Rodrigo, Spanish fighters have traditionally been interested in the 1vs1 categories in a larger proportion than other countries, at least with reference to the countries around Spain.

Such preferences for the country are not surprising, because Spain is considered the birthplace of fencing, it was there that fencing originated, as the art of owning a sword and rapier. There, at one time, the production of the famous Toledo blades began, distinguished by their lightness and strength. In the same place – and later in other European countries – dueling with knives became widespread. It is believed that the first books on the history of fencing were published in Spain. So the love of fights 1 vs 1 is in the blood of the Spaniards.

With the advent of the HMB sport, local athletes got the opportunity to fully realize and demonstrate all the experience gained by generations of Spanish fencers.

“This interest for 1vs1 has generated the appearance of Clubs dedicated exclusively to these categories, at this time there are at least three dedicated to it. And this has been reflected in the international results, where they have been able to get enough good positions and even some medals in the Battle of the Nations. Regarding the causes that motivate this tendency, fundamentally, I think it is due to the influence of the HEMA, which have been established in Spain since the beginning of the first decade of the millennium”, – told us Rodrigo.

Spaniards do not just like to participate in duels at HMB tournaments. They are constantly learning, improving. As a result, they became more frequent among the best! Names like Sergey Ukolov, Alexey Petrik, Robert Szatecki, Ivan Vasilev are well known in the HMB community of this country. They have even come to Spain to give seminars and it is very common to conduct mini tournaments between clubs dedicated to both duels and profight.

Alexey Petrik remembers the Spanish tournament in which he participated not so long ago.

“When I fought at a tournament in Belmonte, I remember one good Spaniard in the Long Sword nomination. He was quite technical, used sharp attacks and had a good reaction. He stood out from the total mass of fighters. Generally speaking, it seems to me that they are at an average level – I have not seen frankly weak fighters, but there is always something to strive for”.

Temperamental, talented and ambitious fencers from beautiful Spain always look very solid on the lists of any tournaments in their favorite category. The editors of HMBIA News can only wish them new victories, new heights and worthy rivals.


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