South African club with own history and traditions

08 Jan 2018 18:25
“JuggerKnights” HMB-club from Alberton city (South Africa) was founded in August 2016. Hylton Kleynhans is a captain of the club. This team has an interesting name, so HMBIA News decided to find out the history of this name – “Juggernauts” means “unstoppable force”, “JuggerKnights” is a spin on the word with medieval reference. “JuggerKnights” started because of Internet.
Hylton Kleynhans:
“I found out about the HMB-sport from the Internet – YouTube videos and Facebook, was great to see the first “21 vs 21″. I think it was buhurt Russia vs. USA 2013.”

For now there are 10 fighters, including 3 women. Club has some traditions and one of them is for the newbies. But all the traditions are so nice and friendly.

Hylton Kleynhans:
“We find new members through events and word of mouth, after attend at least 3 sessions within 2 months they get added to our club. Every Saturday we have BBQ after training, every month we do a fun challenge: everyone puts a small amount of cash down and the winner of the challenge takes the money – pushups, pull ups, tire strikes, etc. are some of the challenges”.

HMB athletes from “JuggerKnights” usually train twice a week. Training consists of “1 vs 1″ disciplines – “sword and shield”, “Longsword”; and buhurt practice – “5 vs 5″ and “3 vs 3″.

They think about the development and club growth promotion as well. According to Hylton, they do it at displays and events and social media throughout the year.
Also there is one of the most important thing in this sport – every fighter has to be armored! But it`s not a problem in South Africa.

Hylton Kleynhans:
“We have some local armorers and sword smiths. Also we do workshops to help new members with basic armor. There are a few guys who purchased armor and swords from the Europe”.

So, as we can see, HMB sport is growing all over the world and it`s really great news! HMBIA News thanks Hylton Kleynhans from “JuggerKnights” HMB-club for the interview and photos and can’t wait to see the National team of this country on the lists of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”.

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