Soft direction of “Burkut” club from Turkey: children express themselves via HMB sport

11 Dec 2017 13:36

Turkey is a young country in the HMB movement, where it has been arisen in the beginning of 2017. And Turkish HMB club “Burkut” are holding training sessions in historical battles not only for adults, but children as well.

Currently, there are 3 children and 12 adults doing HMB here.

Turkish HMB lovers received their first experience with HMB Soft and found out about the HMB leagues for children on a tournament in Israel back on January 2017.

And on November 2017, one junior from Turkey took part in the World Championship in HMB Soft in Prague.

All training process in Burkut’s Soft direction builds around praise successes and undermine failures. Praise is what we all need, but children need the most.

Ate? Erdo?an, the fighter and trainer of this club, told: “We encourage all efforts for improvement and give support whenever students are displeased with their performance. Phrases we use include: “Look at how much you’ve improved since recently!”. “It is OK to feel bad about this, but you will get better eventually”.

On training sessions there is always a friendly competition exists. Ate?: “We always have a winner and a loser but we stand beside the students when they are dealing with loss”.

Currently Turkish fighters are working on establishing HMB association. The official structure with no doubts will help to develop HMB junior’s division. Burak Yarar, the fighter and trainer of “Burkut” club, told: “Our next plan is to attract more young fighters. Hopefully encouraging new teams to form and to have some local competition”.

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