Slavic Warriors from Mexico

02 Oct 2014 11:29

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“Slavyanskiye Voiny” (“Slavic Warriors”), Mexico

Established in 2014

“Slavyanskiye Voiny” (“Slavic Warriors” in English) is a newly formed group, it has been existing for about three months. Our activity has been limited to training, but soon we hope to start participating in events with some of the other teams of the country. As captain, I participate in events with the Team Mexico, not only in national tournaments, but also overseas. In Mexico, HMB is a relatively new sport, so getting acceptance and attracting new members is complicated.

There are seven constant members, most of whom are university students. All of us are Mexicans, from Mexico city. We try to reenact the Slavic culture, from the XIIth to the XIVth century. We do this because we admire the Slavic culture, especially of the mentioned period.

We take decisions together, always keeping in mind what’s best for the club; even though the Leader has the final word after taking the rest of the opinions into account.

We don’t have a real place to train, so we mostly end up training in parks or hired premises, but that means that we can’t get all the training equipment we need.

Our next issue is getting equipment and armor. Blacksmiths are few here and their work is expensive; and as I’ve already said, most of our members are students and do not have means to buy their own equipment. We try to get what we can and try to make something with our own hands.

The final problem is the distance from where we live to the tournaments in other countries, especially in Europe. Transportation is very expensive and we have no means to cover that costs, but with time we hope to be able to solve that problem.

As I’ve mentioned before, we have no proper place for training. Once a week we can use a “room” in a cultural center. It lacks proper equipment, but it’s the best we have and we make the best out of it. The weekend trainings are held in a local park.

“Slavyanskiye Voiny” is a new group. Our first result is that we have formed the Club and had seven constant members, but our most impressive results are yet to come.

“Slavyanskiye Voiny” has many aspirations. We want to become the strongest HMB club in Mexico, not just Mexico City, but in the country; to become the best HMB school. In the future I also hope to take my fighters to tournaments in other countries and to help represent our country at Battle of the Nation.

Jarl Wulfrick Oxenstierna,
captain of the HMB club «Slavyanskie Voiny» (“Slavic Warriors”), Mexico


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