Sigrid Karlsson – the girl, who is eager to fight in buhurts against men

19 Sep 2017 18:22
Everyone was admiring the attacking style of combat, which young fighter Sigrid Karlsson showed on The Tattoo Cup tournament in New Zealand this September. The organizer Rob Mclntyre told with delight: “She has only attacked, hasn’t gone back, only forward!”. That’s why she earned a title “The best new fighter”.

Sigrid Karlsson is 21 years old. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, but she has been living in New Zealand for the past year. Currently she is working as a healthcare assistant at a rest home. So she takes care of old people during the day and she is an HMB-fighter at night, training with a club called “East Auckland Goblins”.

When we asked Sigrid what is the secret of her strategy, she answered, laughing: “I did H.E.M.A. (Historical European Martial Arts) for a year and a half before. My coach was a woman Josefin Bohman. She was the one who taught me basic sword work. She taught me also: when you get the direction – just go forward, doesn’t matter, it’s good or bad situation for you – just keep going!”.

On the Tattoo Cup Sigrid has fought against men in a duel category 1 vs 1. Her competitor Dean Sinclair told: «Got to fight Sigrid Karlsson today and man she made me work for the win today.. watch to the end for the lols. The first tournament against guys and held her own against me nearly twice her size! Buhurt is for everyone!»

It’s not the widespread situation when girls are standing on the duels against men. How was it for Sigrid?

“When I fight against the men, you know, everyone is bigger than me, haha. So I suppose sometimes when you go straight ahead, people get surprised, coz they don’t expect it, you know. There is not a big difference to fight against guys. It’s just size. So it is nice!”.

Would she continue to come to the list against men? Oh yes! Sigrid loves the widescale buhurts.

“I would love to! I love group fights. With women you don’t have the big ones. But I would love to do 21 vs 21! The more – the merrier! One day, I hope, the women league will have the larger ones, then 3 vs 3”.

Sigrid got started to do HMB only in March 2017. She got involved in this kind of sport because of her boyfriend Adam Curry.

“I had no idea that HMB exists. Until I have met Adam. He showed me, how fun is it to fight in armor. I wouldn’t tell that it is my lifestyle, but it is a lifestyle of my boyfriend definitely. For most people who do this, I just think is not a lifestyle, but the best hobby ever. It’s something that I want to keep doing as long as it will be fun”.

From March 2017 Sigrid has taken part in three tournaments. And she has a great plans for future. “I don’t want to know about any smaller tournaments. I want to go to the biggest ones in the world and to attend the smaller by the way. I don’t know any dates yet. All the people around me know the dates, so they will tell me when to wear my armor”.

And of course, Sigrid has a strong plan to take part in “Battle of the nations 2018”. We will be glad to see Sigrid there and we are sure she will show a spectacular combat.

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