Sérgio Almeida (Portugal): “We are very glad and can’t wait to meet our new brothers…”

28 Apr 2017 21:34
Portugal will take part in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017. HMBIA News decided not to pass such opportunity and had a conversation with Sérgio Almeida, fighter from this country. He told us a lot of interesting things. Here you can find more details.

As we find out, there will be only 2 Portuguese fighters in “Battle of the Nations”-2017, our hero and another one – Maurício Ramos, he is the most experienced fighter in Portugal. As Sérgio told us, there was a different reason why other fighters couldn`t come to Barcelona this year.

Mr. Almeida and his friend are planning to participate in such categories as: “21vs21″ with National team of Germany and “All vs All”.

Sérgio Almeida: “We will not have an official team, so we cannot participate in duels. We will join bugurt categories because we love to fight and of course, we want to have more experience. We asked the national captains if someone could help us participate in the 21 vs 21 category, and the German captain answered that, they could use 2 extra fighters. We discussed the issue and he was kind enough to let us join them. We are very glad and can’t wait to meet our new brothers in arms and face the best nations in the world”.

According to Sérgio, they are part of HMB movement for over 5 years. It`s a long term. The start was great – they came to “Battle of the Nations” at first. And then there was a big number of tournaments. It bring them joy and experience.

Sérgio Almeida: “In Portugal we’ve been doing HMB since 2013, we had a 3 fighters there that year. The sport has grown since, and now we have a few different clubs in the country. Then we started participating in smaller events, always with a very limited number of fighters. To tell the truth, for now we don’t have enough fighters in Portugal for this kind of combats, so it will be an incredible learning experience. That doesn’t mean we are not serious, because our objective will be victory, of course”.

HMBIA News editorial office believe that participating in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2017 our Portuguese friends will get what they want and will bring the big National team next year. We want to thank Sérgio Almeida for the great interview and can`t wait to him on the list.


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