Sergey Ukolov: Ambitions are to show our best….

13 Jan 2019 21:47
Teams are actively preparing for the grand trip to Monaco to participate in Buhurt Prime. Russia is no exception, and Russian HMB athletes have always been desirable rivals for any team. Fighters of the Bayard HMB club are some of the most famous, trained and experienced opponents. Their captain Sergey Ukolov himself is a legend! He is a multiple HMB world champion and coach. Today he will share the secrets of the club and its ambitions to participate in Buhurt Prime, which is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the HMB world.
Sergey Ukolov:
“Ambitions are to show our best. It is difficult to evaluate strong sides of the team being inside and estimate its chances – we fight with this squad too rarely. I will lead the team into battle. We will be happy to fight with all teams that we have not met for a long time or even never met before”.
HMBIA News editorial office is sure that Bayard will show a high class of fights, and the audience will support them!
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania