Sergey Myasishchev`s workshop in Nurnberg: “Everything went fine”

14 Jan 2018 17:32

In early January 2018 in Nurnberg (Germany) there was a workshop of HMBIA Marshal-Supervisor Sergey Myasishchev. The event lasted 2 days, on 6 and 7 of January representatives of clubs from several German lands – Lower Saxony, Bremen, Thuringia, Bavaria gathered to take part in it.

Sergey Myasishchev:
“The first day was devoted to the HMB Soft theory and methodology of sports training, although the classes were intended primarily for instructors, there were also a few young athletes from “MSVK” club of Valentin Zerr”.

Representatives of “MSVK” HMB-club from Nurnberg were very pleased with the results of the seminar. They wrote about this in the official group of their club on Facebook:
“Everything went well, Mr. Myasishchev is one of the most experienced trainers. All participants of the seminar took a lot of useful things out of this seminar”.

The first day began with a theory – the HMB Soft rules, safety requirements, and the history of this sport direction were discussed in detail. Then all moved to the gym, where they got acquainted with the basic technical elements of HMB-Soft in practice, with some methodical techniques of teaching the technique and tactics of this competitive discipline.

The second day was devoted to bugurt fights – the main discipline of HMBIA. During the theoretical part, the participants, under the guidance of the marshal supervisor, examined in detail each point of the rules and regulations, and in the second part of the seminar they dressed in armor and disassembled some situations in buhurt fights in practice.

Sergey Myasishchev:
“The seminar demonstrated the great potential of Germany in the HMB Soft development. There is a great enthusiasm and interest of all participants of the workshop.”

The seminar ended with answers to participants’ questions about the evaluation of various moments in the buhurts that they encountered during their participation in the competitions.

Sergey Myasishchev also expressed gratitude to the Nuremberg Club “MSVK” for the cordiality and hospitality that they provided.

As HMBIA News found out, representatives of the German side are already preparing to organize and hold such a workshop in early 2019.


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