Seminar in Tallinn: painful, useful and interesting …

27 Sep 2017 12:24
Alexey (Bru) Nayderov from Russia made Estonian fighters to work hard this weekend (September 23-24).

Estonians from “Nordburg” HMB-club and it`s captain Nikolai Bykov, invited Alexey to provide the seminar for them. The main theme of this meeting was the art of fight with a halberd. Alexey came and they start to fight! Estonians were in pain, but they did a great job!

Nikolai Bykov:

“It was painful, useful and interesting. Bru had already been in Tallinn last year. We liked it. By the way, Tallinn is not so far from St-Peterburg – 6 hours by bus and you are here. That`s why I decided to invite Bru this year again – we are very interested in fights with halberd, but there is not enough knowledge. Why Bru? Because he is the best in fights with a halberd”.

The program of the seminar turned out to be a two-day and very rich. On the first day the fighters worked with a halberd – they sharpened the strike tactics, blocks, sparring. On the second day – the struggle and struggle at the side of the list.

Participation was accepted only by the guys from the “Nordburg” HMB-club – over the past few years they were joined by many newcomers. And more experienced fighters usually have much use in such seminars.

Nikolai Bykov:

“There are only best impressions after the event. Everybody has learned a lot of interesting things. We will practice this again in training. Last year’s seminar benefited us, I think this will allow us to develop better.”

Nikolay hopes that it will become a good tradition for Aleksey Nayderov to come every year from St. Petersburg to Tallinn with a seminar.


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