“Royal” nomination finished the first day

29 Apr 2017 20:34

Battles in the mass 21×21 nomination were a spectacular finale of the day of the Championship.
Tribunes watched the “royal” nomination battles with excitement and not only spectators. Almost all the teams came out to support the fighters on the list.

Traditionally, team of Russia appeared to be too tough of an opponent for a lot of teams. Their fight with team USA was very interesting and left a lot of impressions for Americans. Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Debs – fighter of team USA told us about their fight with Russians.

Tim Edward Jerry Gaensler-Debs (USA): “The first thing I’d say is that Russians are very honorable, we started out with few people and as a sign of good friendship they took off some of their own guys, so we really respect that. First fight, I think I got one down, but they managed to clean us up and the second round I was feeling like a bit of a lion and I went after Andrey Kiselius and then he made me go to sleep with his halberd. It was worth it! It was great fighting!”



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania