Roosa Järvinen: her life, fights and dreams

23 Mar 2018 14:03
After the first fight she couldn`t even remember her name, but she knew for sure that she left her heart on the list! Today we will talk about Roosa Järvinen from Finland.

She has been fighting since the end of 2015. That year she saw fights of her friends for the first time and was very interested, thus she wanted to try it by herself. According to Roosa, she was really nervous at first, but after the first training she fell in love with HMB sport. From that time, Roosa tried to fight in all categories, but she understood that one of them is her favorite.

Roosa Järvinen:
“Buhurt is my favourite of all. I also go in for profights, but not with my heart. I like buhurt, because it is a team work. Another thing I like is that in buhurt it is not about who gets more points: if you can make the hits, you just make them. I remember my very first World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”. I was so terrified I thought I was going to throw up. Fortunately, I didn`t! After the fights I couldn`t even remember if we won or not, so I had to ask our captain every time. But this was the moment for me. The moment I gave my heart to the sport”.

Roosa is a purposeful person and working on herself constantly. She hopes to improve skills of fighting more and more. She gains her experience fighting with different opponents. Also, she is sure that it is important to develop local activity and cooperate with other countries. Beside her own improvement, Roosa wants to help her team to grow and develop.

As Roosa told us, her family gives her all its support: “I can see the proud looking into my father’s eyes. He is a soldier and a fan of martial arts. He even paid my trip to one of the tournaments last year. My husband is also an HMB fighter, so this is something we are doing together. He believes in me and is pushing me to fight harder. He is the most important support for me. And then there is my mother, who also supports me, worries about me and always takes good care of my dogs, so I can travel”.

Roosa`s mother has a lot of work to do, because her daughter has two wonderful amstaffs – Cara and Dami. Cara is a girl, and Dami is a boy, and they mean the world for her. These two awesome giants need a lot of love, food and walks. Between the fights and tournaments Roosa and her husband love to take long walks to the forest or just stay at home and chill with them.

Also Roosa have to give a lot of love, care, patience and wisdom to her work, because in everyday life her work is connected with children with disabilities. She helps them and this is a very important and necessary job.

It can be confidently asserted that her work and fights in the buhurt complement each other, teach patience and resourcefulness. In all these deeds you need to work in a team.

Roosa Järvinen:
“The best thing in buhurt is the way it tests people. I have learned so much about myself thanks to this sport”.

Roosa also told us about her biggest dream. For sure, all HMB fighters in the world could share this dream. This dream is to hear the anthem of her country getting the golden medal of any big event like World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”.

This is a great dream and we hope that someday it will come true! For now, we would like to thank Roosa for an interview and wish her good fights and tough opponents!

Photo: Ida Paavoseppä, Ville Tarhala, Studio Anna-Liisa Nikus, Veli-Matti Virtanen

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