Roosa Järvinen, Finland: “We will give our everything in the fight!”

09 Dec 2020 14:46

The new hero of our She Fights rubric deserves the kindest congratulations from each of us! Today we will tell you about the famous Finnish fighter Roosa Järvinen.

Preparations for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations all over the world are in full swing, and already some countries are going through one of the most important stages of this preparation – the selection of the HMB team captain and the captain of the country’s team. In Finland, the selection of the female team captain came to an end quite recently. For the fourth time, Roosa Järvinen will lead the women of the Finnish HMB team to the lists of the BotN 2021.

According to Roosa, she had the pleasure of earning the team’s trust and work as captain since BotN 2017 in Spain, then in Italy, in Serbia and now in Romania. 

“What does it mean to be a captain for me? This is a big question! I think mostly it is about trust. Every time after election I feel so honored to be chosen for this job. Working as captain is not easy or fun at all times. But I would lie if I said I don’t enjoy it. Working as captain gives me more than it takes. I love the HMB sport and I want to give myself to its benefit. I feel my job as captain is to act as the voice of the team I represent. My job is also to lead the team and protect it when needed. But I’m not alone here. I have two amazing vice captains: Tinja Sarkanen and Tuuli Rutanen. I would not be the captain that I am today, if I did not have these two persons working beside me”. 

Usually, the selection for the HMB Finland team is as follows:

“First we ask who wants to join the national team. We have a pretty good impression of our fighters as we train and fight together regularly. If needed, we will organize a qualification tournament. After that I talk with our coaches and a group of our team captains to make decisions. Every time I ask the HMB Finland team captain if he agrees with my decision”.

This year it wasn’t easy to form the female team due to the Covid-19 situation. But still Roosa managed to choose fighters and formed the female team

Roosa added that she has a group of helpers. Except for vice captains, coaches help her in preparing the team for Battle of the Nations. There are 2 coaches for buhurt and one coach for physical training. They have  training plans from September to July. Now they just keep on training with this crew. 

“Our goal for BotN 2021 is the same as always: to be as good as we can possibly be in given circumstances. Good day or bad day, despite all possible obstacles, we will work the best we can. We will give our everything in the fight!”

It is worth noting that such systematic and responsible work on yourself and the team gives excellent results! Last year, the Finnish women’s team famously won the silver medal in 5v5 buhurts at the Battle of the Nations World Championship in Serbia. We wish the girls, led by their captain, more victories and thank them for the wonderful fights that they demonstrate in the lists of the most important HMB tournament in the world!



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania