Riga is waiting!

06 Dec 2019 10:56

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the HMBIA Summit! The HMBIA General Assembly 2019 will remain in the memory of the HMB community as the largest, most ambitious summit. To participate here, 62 representatives of the HMB community from around the world are registered, and the geography of participants has covered all continents!

“The increase in the amount of participants is first of all a logical consequence of the increase of member-countries in our organisation. But I also see a sign that the national HMB leaders are more and more willing to get involved in the development of the movement at every level; that is the main point of the general assembly, where all important discussions and decisions are made.

All the HMBIA committees and brands will present their annual reports and answer questions of the participants. It is also the occasion to analyze the issues that may have arisen during the year as well as to highlight the positive accomplishments. Moreover, a lot of proposals will be formulated, debated and voted as to how our association and projects should evolve”, – said Edourd Eme, the HMBIA President.

This year, the dates and venue of the HMBIA Summit and the HMB Soft World Cup among schools and clubs coincided. Already today, participants in these events are beginning to come to Riga. Tomorrow, December 7 at 14:00, thanks to a well-planned event schedule and logistics, all Assembly participants will take part in the opening ceremony of the HMB Soft World Championship.

Evgenii Galushin, HMBIA secretary:
“It was specially planned. Our president and other participants will be able to watch the tournament and congratulate the participants. It is very important for young HMB Soft athletes, as all the participants who came to the Championship are aimed at further participation in the HMB national teams of their countries”.

In addition, community members who are unable to attend the Summit in person will be able to take part in the online broadcast under the direction of HMBIA Vice President Gavin Stewart. We remind you that in the broadcast of the General Assembly HMBIA 2019 is available only for registered participants.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania