Riddle of Steel VII – singles championships in the USA

17 Jan 2018 17:17

On the 12th – 15th of January, 2018 Oviedo Florida held the VII “Riddle of Steel” event. There was the event, hosted by Captain Alex Cooley of the “Aquilonia” HMB-club. All duel categories were filled with the finals being fought in the “Triathlon” format. HMBIA certified marshal Ana Laura Hernandez Reginleif judged the tournament. It was a high leveled competition and HMBIA News can`t wait to tell you more details of it. We had an interview with Alex Cooley and Harvey Palmer known as Aveloc Twiceborn from the “Aquilonia” HMB-club and here is what they told us.

So the winners of all duels categories are:
“Sword and Shield ” (male) – Nicholas Homa, captain of the “Memphis Jackals”
“Sword and Shield ” (female) – Christine Napolitano of the “Palmetto Knights”
“Sword and Buckler” (male) – Johny Porter, member of the “Company of the Iron Phoenix” “Sword and Buckler” (female) – Kathryn Miller
“Longsword” (male) – Sam Awry, member of the “Company of the Iron Phoenix”
“Longsword” (female) – Tayissa Chadwick of the “Company of the Iron Phoenix”
“Pole arm” (male) – Aveloc Twiceborn, Captain of the “Aquilonia” HMB-club

Alex Cooley:
“It was the largest singles domestic tourney in HMB to date, we hope to grow. I am promoting singles because it is often ignored as secondary to melee and provides an avenue to medal(s) at World Championship of HMB “Battle of the Nations”.

Aveloc Twiceborn also told about his impressions after the VII “Riddle of Steel” but he told it to the captains of other teams:
“This tournament was a grand affair enjoyed by all who attended, support and fighter alike; with feasting both before and after. The injuries were minimal, both in number and in severity, and honorably received and each of the triathlete victors earned a round trip ticket to Rome, courtesy of the legendary largesse of Alex Cooley and “Valkyrie Forge Armories”. While those earning the position of “Alternate” were awarded other outstanding prizes such as full sets of gauntlets and the like. For those of you who declined this event I have only three words … You missed it!

And HMBIA News agree – these fights were worth seeing!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania