RECON awaits… in just a few days!

24 Feb 2019 10:37
Very soon, the military history festival RECON will open its doors for St. Petersburg citizens and visitors. This year the festival will be held on March 2-3 in the 7th pavilion of the LENEXPO complex.

RECON is the most anticipated HMB tournament in Russia, because its results will form the national team of the country for the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” -2019 in Serbia.

However, the festival program is not limited to the HMB fights. The scale of the festival will amaze every guest, even the most demanding and capricious. Every inch is drenched in history!

Recon has a truly royal scale. In addition to HMB fights that take your breath away, guests of the festival can attend the spectacular tournament of the knights in a full plate armor, or visit the early Middle Ages and watch the epic fights between the courageous Vikings and the Rus. A separate space will be prepared for each tournament – 4 lists for HMB Soft, 2 lists for HEMA, a list for HMB fights, lists for the knights in full plate armor and a separate one for the early Middle Ages and antiquity. The scale of the sports part of the festival dazzles us with its richness and diversity.
However, entertainment and educational parts of Recon are not in any way less than the sports parts.

After watching the battles, inspired by the knight aesthetics and feeling the adrenaline after the fights in steel, visitors can visit the game- and interactive zones of the festival. They will be fun for the whole family. All 2 days of the festival just for you:

– interactive zones for different historical times and regions;
– gaming areas, where the best board games from the field of history and fantasy can be found;
– historical fair – from pretty ornaments to harsh axes for true Vikings;
– Theatrical performances with the characters of ancient folklore;
– performances of ambient music groups that will immerse you in the historical atmosphere;
– The much loved Recon lecture hall, an educational platform for conducting themed lectures on historical topics. The Recon lecture hall, loved by all, is an educational platform for conducting thematic lectures on history.

In addition, during the festival everyone can learn the details of the upcoming HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 and even purchase or book a fan tour to Serbia.

In the context of RECON-SPORT, a presentation and a general meeting of schools of HMB will be held. The movement has developed itself greatly throughout Russia in the past few y ears. Also, a series of conferences will be held under the auspices of the Federation of Historical Martial Arts of Russia (FIBIR), supported by sports societies and the participation of experts in the field of sports management and marketing from the Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS. This block will be full of important events for the development of the ISB movement in general. In addition to the presentation of HMB schools, a discussion block with representatives of the international school of sports management, an organizational meeting of FIBIR and HMB SOFT, as well as a Marshal summit is scheduled.

Recon will not let anyone get bored! We await you on March 2-3 in the 7th pavilion of the LENEXPO complex. Vasilyevsky Island, Bolshoy pr., 103, St. Petersburg, Russia, 199106.
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