RAKIJA TEAM banner for the Battle of the Nations

07 Apr 2019 22:51
One more union of HMB athletes is ready to fight for a place on the podium of honor in the 150 vs 150 nomination at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019. Today we present to you the RAKIJA TEAM banner.Under this banner we find the combined teams of Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania. The fighters united on more than just a geographical basis. There are many important aspects that have inspired representatives of 4 countries to stand shoulder to shoulder under one banner.

According to Alexandar Uroshevich, captain of the RAKIJA TEAM, one of the ties between these teams is Rakija itself. The drink is widely represented in all these countries.
It was not only given a lead role in the name of the banner but is also featured prominently on the flag itself.
The fighters fighting underneath this banner are close friends. The guys meet not only at the lists of the events held in Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary or Romania, but also outside the battlefield. And when friends share a glass of Rakija at their meeting, that’s when the adventures start!

Alexandar admitted that he was glad to help friends from Romania prepare for their first Battle of the Nations. Serbian HMB athletes helped friends with team formation and armor.
This is exactly what we are all so proud of – the harsh, uncompromising and tough knights, who will fight their opponents and beat them relentlessly for a chance at a medal also go well beyond the limits of the lists to help their brothers in arms. No matter what country they come from!  It is important that everyone outside the battlefield is equal.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania