Quayle, UK: “The Championship was brilliant!”

25 Aug 2014 10:39

I think our team was lucky to have a support group. The guys helped us a lot, brought water, cooked for us and helped to put on armor before the battles. A few of our fans came to Trogir as well. They wanted to see the battles and plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. They were fascinated by the show, so one of them wants to train and participate in events with us now. And it’s nice! We’re looking forward to the next Battle of the Nations and opportunity to take part in buhurts and professional fights.

The Championship was brilliant and held at a high level. As most of us were new to the sport, it was our first competition. It was one of the hardest and greatest things I’ve ever done.

We liked almost everything concerning the event, the venue was great, the camp and living conditions were excellent. Every person who watched the online broadcast was amazed by how proffesionsal the sport is and they enjoyed every moment of it.

John Quayle,
fighter of the National Team of United Kingdom

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania