Qualifying tournaments for the Russian national team are continuing!

18 Jan 2018 17:07

The 20th of January Moscow will held the oficial regional HMB tournament of the 1st league “5 vs 5″ HMB Russia. The tournament has been included to The Buhurt League system, which means that it will be held according to the standards and rules of historical medieval battles, which are common for all countries.

It`s only the teams that represents the Central Federal District of Russia will be able to participate in the qualifying stage. Teams from other regions may participate outside the offset, but the results will be recorded in statistics anyway.

There will be fights in the “5 vs 5″ category for men.

The best 2 teams from their region will take part in the final battles during the Military-Historical Festival “REKON”. On the 23th-24th of February, the strongest teams from all over the Russia will meet here and, as a result of this tournament, the National Team of Russia will be formed to participate in the World Championship of HMB “Battle of Nations” -2018 in Rome.

The tournament will be held in Moscow at Volgogradsky Prospekt 32. Entrance through the “Donjon” shop.

Registration will starts at 10.00. The tournament starts at 11.00.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania