Potryasov, Kyrgyzstan: “Opportunity to fight without any restrictions in the impact force… It really interested me!”

03 Oct 2014 11:26

– New people of the HMB movement

Nikolay Potryasov,
captain of the National Team of Kyrgyzstan,
captain of a HMB club “Gvardiya” (Guard), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

“My way to HMB sport”

Bishkek has a role-playing club since 2008, several of my friends have been attending it since the moment it appeared. I took this type of activity with defiance. But when I found out about an opportunity to put on armor and conduct a fight without any restrictions in the impact force… It really interested me! I joined the club.

By the way, no one wanted to hear about reenactment at that time, though many were engaged in historical fencing.

I was immediately absorbed by Sunday workouts. And I’ve became leader of the club in 2009, and in addition to historical fencing, it is also dealing with reenactment now. However, everything changes. In 2013, on the basis of my club, we formed the HMB National Team of Kyrgyzstan.

Today the Team is actively involved in various festivals and tournaments, improving the skills and gaining combat experience. In mid-October of the year 2014, we are participating in a tournament which is to be held in wilderness near Bishkek. Its organizer is a «Black Company» club. We will discuss the issue of the National Team with other fighters there. We want it to be formed of fighters from all over Kyrgyzstan, and not just guys from the “Guard” club.

On October 26, Bishkek will host an open-air festival and we hope to have teams from Kazakhstan. The festival will be held for the second time, and we intend to make it an annual event.

We also cooperate with a center for non-formal education in Bishkek. Our work with the younger generation is conducted according to the principle “Education of young people, based on the examples of valor and honor demonstrated by our fatherland defenders and our people.”

We’re not going to stop on the achieved. We plan to achieve recognition of historical medieval battles as an integral part of the culture of our city, our country, create a basis for the development of new HMB clubs throughout Kyrgyzstan.



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