Polish HMB Soft club “Niepokorni Orzesze”: if kids are smiling all world is smiling

06 Nov 2017 19:02
The “Niepokorni Orzesze” club was the first HMB club in a modern sword fighting in Poland. Trainers have already taken part in HMB tournaments for adult, and they want to share their hobby with kids. So, “Soft” section appeared in 2013.

There was Victoria Olesh among the pioneers of this club. Now she is the main trainer of the club, and she is only 18 years old! Victoria shared memories about her beginning:

“It started, when my dad with two other medieval fighters established the first modern sword fighting club for juniors in Poland.

I‘ve started training kids in my club since one year. We know each other very well and that helps me in training them better. Outside the gym a lot of us are friends, and I think that’s a reason of great spirit of our team”.

Methods of training kids are very different from training adults. Kids need other words for motivation, another training style. How do coaches of “Niepokorni Orzesze” manage to motivate their juniors?

Victoria: “We emphasize on the culture of fight, being polite, helping people. That’s why our little fighters take part in so many charity events, organize many types of athletic training of participants. There is no tolerance according to bullying, drugs and using violence both inside and outside the gym.

To motivate kids, we tell them that only hard work and believing in yourself can make dreams come true.

We talk a lot with kids, organize many events for them. We believe in words “if kids are smiling, all world is smiling”. We spend a lot of time together; we haven’t got any secrets. Kids know that if they have a problem, they can tell us. On the other hand, we put emphasis on being hard and being a good person”.

The discipline is achieved by the authority of the trainer. Coaching staff are entertaining an idea that kids should know, where their place is. Victoria gave an example: “If they are naughty, they have a punishment like: do 20 burpees now!”

HMB sport for kids is represented with 5-6 tournaments annually in Poland. The rate is quite good because the juniors have playgrounds to show their martial art skills. But coaches underline they are not following the rules of the HMB Soft regulations. So, since 3 years “Niepokorni Orzesze” have been taking part in tournament in Minsk (Belarus), hold under “HMB Soft” rules.
Someone will always claim the idea that HMB is not for kids. But Victoria have what to reply for naysayers: “We should show people that this sport teaches not only how to fight, but shows children how to live! It shows everyone that this sport is safe, and it’s the same sport like football, swimming etc. In this sport it doesn’t mean where are you from, what is your religion – everyone is friends!”

HMBIA News wish great achievements to “Niepokorni Orzesze” juniors and express the gratitude to Victoria Olesh for interesting and positive interview.


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