Pohl, Czech Republic: “HMBIA and BOTN are well known in Prague now”

22 Jul 2016 13:23

As everybody noticed during last 2 years Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, held HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. Orgteam, participants and audience are happy with it. And HMBIA News decided to find out is this new tradition helpful for National team of Czech Republic. We asked Pepa Josif Pohl, capitan of the National team of Czech Republic that by the way wast born in Prague and he told us his opinion about it.


Pepa Josif Pohl:
“For us it is great idea to organize BOTN in Prague. But it is good idea for everybody. It is our capital city with very good infrastructure, with very good services, airport, good options in logistic. Czech Republic is cheap for most of foreign people. And it is better to improve something, than trying to make something new every year. HMBIA and BOTN are well known in Prague now. And this should be great advantage for all of us to develop HMB-movement not only in Czech Republic”.


According to Josif Pohl, native land is so helpful for sportsmen. He told us that It is true that native land can help, give more strength and motivation. And cheering fans really helps to win the fight.

Capitan Pohl also told HMBIA News that there are a lot of perspective for HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” in Prague as lot of people are interested in trying to be HMB fighters there. People are really interested. Because it is good show, and audience can see it in the list with theirs own eyes.


Pepa Josif Pohl:
“There were lot of visitors all day. People here love this kind of sport, where is mixed lot of adrenalin, history and another… if you undestand me. And of course I want to held BOTN in Prague next year with my all heart”



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania