Pohl, Czech Republic: “Fighters have to follow the rules”

12 Dec 2014 09:59

“Battle of the Nations”-2015

We need to have a core group, we need to have an option of choosing only the best men. I hope, that at least we will repeat result of this year. We want to be among the best ten teams.

And I hope that organizers will improve knowledge and experiences of some marshals. Some situations were refereed incorrectly. But I understand that it is much harder to make a decision on the spot, rather than after watching videos.

And one more important thing – fighters have to follow the rules to avoid contradictory situations and to make refereeing an easier task.

Pepa Josif Pohl,
captain of “MFC Vysocina” club,
captain of the National Team of Czech Republic

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania