Phenomenal support promises Battle of the Nations 2019 to be the greatest yet

07 Oct 2018 12:55
The HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 will help attract tourists to Serbia. That’s what Jasna Avramovi?, mayor of Smederevo, told journalists during the press conference that took place in the Smederevo History Museum. She also noticed that the idea was immediately welcomed by the local administration.

“We recognized a good thing for Serbia and Smederevo, since during these days, representatives of 40 countries will be in our city. We are starting to develop tourism in Smederevo and I think that there is no better start of this than the World Championship in HMB.”

Main organisers of the Battle of the Nations – Edouard Eme, HMBIA President, Gavin Stewart, HMBIA Vice President and Vladimir Blagojevi?, co-organizer of the Battle of the Nations 2019, director of the famous Just Out Festival, also took part in the press conference.

Organisers said that Battle of the Nations is not just a sports tournament – the event includes a medieval cultural program of historical music and dance; promotion of traditional crafts, which will take place next to the Fortress and in the Museum in Smederevo. They expect several thousand participants and a good media highlight that will promote Smederevo and Serbia in the world.

Vladimir Blagojevi?, co-organiser of the Battle of the Nations 2019, director of the Just Out Festival, said that he expects it to be a success of unprecedented proportions.

“The jubilee 10th HMB World Championship, Battle of the Nations, will be held in Smederevo. According to the new decisions of the General Assembly, the Championship will now take place every two years; this means that for the next 2 years, everybody will remember the event that took place in Smederevo, until the next Championship.”

Jasna Avramovi?, mayor of Smederevo, noticed that the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations has already got all the highest level of support from the Serbian government. This is a huge plus for this challenging event.

“I received the President’s Cabinet support in the aspiration to hold Battle of the Nations in the anniversary year and intentions to support this jubilee Championship that will be held with all the due hospitality, geniality and support the organization of this worldwide event. I invite everyone to support this project.”

The support and hospitality from Smederevo for Battle of the Nations has been warmer than could have been expected. The HMBIA is grateful to the government representatives of Serbia, city administration of Smederevo and the head of the city’s museum for the cooperation. Battle of the Nations 2019 promises to be an event which will stay in the memories of organisers, participants, and the people of Smederevo and Serbia for many years to come.

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