Pepe Villani : “It is all true that they say about the “Dynamo Cup”…..”

11 Dec 2017 15:35
Everyone in HMB-movement knows that December this year started with one of the largest HMB tournaments in the world – the “Dynamo Cup”-2017. Fighters from all over the world came to participate in it. HMBIA News already published the results of the event and now we want to share with you the impressions of the fighters. They are from different countries and speak different languages, but they loves HMB-sport and fought in Dynamo. Batiste Lacroix from France told us that it was hard to fight there, but it was unbelievable feeling!

Batiste Lacroix:
“It was a fabulous experience. Individually and as a team. Great fights- great teams. The organization was really good. I think the hardest fight for me was with russian club “PLK”. We were a little out of the blue and let them win the space in the list. I go caught in a corner and got a good beating. The “15 vs 15″ were the best fights. We all loved it. On a team point of view I think our hardest fight was with “Russian order”. Although “Bears paw” was a very interesting and tactical match”.

Argentinian fighter Pepe Villani agree with his french college. He like the event as well and can`t wait to return to Moscow and fight there again:
“I realy liked to go to dynamo , there is all true that they say about it – it is the toughest tournament in the world! I want to be there next year!”
HMBIA News already mentioned that there was live streams for the audience. Guys from Australia watched it with a great pleasure. Bryce Lightbody told us that it was really great to see the stream and having fun:
“The fights were amazing. I stayed up to watch as many as I could and I’ve been watching the recording to catch the rest. The live streams were really good. We’re planning on sending a team next year. We had a party with the Queensland and had the streams up on a projector. The Victorian team did the same”.

As we see, “Dynamo Cup”-2017 can be fun, but there is one more story that we want to share with you. HMBIA News asked finnish team as well to tell about their impressions. they like everything and made a lot of compliments to all organizers.

Teemu Laiho:
“Dynamo fulfilled our expectations again and I think there was more than we expected. Numerous teams from different parts of the world, new womens “3 vs 3″ duel category, “1 vs 1″ Donjon Cup, children’s soft tournament, HEMA fights and lot’s of merchants. The hall was full of action and all went smoothly. Fights were tough as it should be, Dynamo is one of the toughest tournament in the year. “15 vs 15″ was really interesting experience for us and we liked it a lot. Womens “3 vs 3″ category started well and there was lot of teams including Finnish “Kivuttaret”. I was glad to see how much audience there was towards finals. Still it would be even better to see stands full all day. Comparing to my first Dynamo 2014, event has gone a lot of forward. I want to send my compliments to all organizers, they have developed a great event that all teams wait!”

“Dynamo Cup” is not ordinary event and gather teams worldwide. HMBIA News thanks our fighters for the interview and promise to publish more impressions of the participants of the different HMB-tournaments and of course after the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”.


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