Pasha Trulov about the upcoming battles

01 May 2018 20:50
A fighter of the National Team of UK, well-known to all as Pasha Trulov, has been participating in the “Battle of the Nations” for four consecutive years. In 2018, he will take part in the buhurt categories “21 vs 21″, “5 vs 5″ and profights. As Pasha said in the interview, the buhurt nominations are his favorite ones.According to him, here is a feeling of excitement, a shoulder of a friend and everything that he loves in HMB sport so much.

“This year we have a very strong team, and in “21 vs 21″ we hope to take a medal place”.

The National Team of Great Britain wants to compete with French fighters in the “21 vs 21″ category in the lists of the “Battle of the Nations”-2018:

“We want to have revenge for the previous year. This year our fighters are well-prepared, and we have got new fighters. The overall level of the HMB movement in the country has grown up. I believe we could say the same about France. We have every chance to win over the French team”.

The World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018will begin very soon, and we will be able to find out who will be stronger!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania