Participants of Battle of the Nations-2014 will be met on the highest level

28 May 2014 15:23

The World Championship’s organizers will transfer members of the national teams to the venue of the tournament. Fighters and civil participants will be met by managers and volunteers of Battle of the Nations-2014.

The information was provided by Sergey Tsymbal, Deputy of HMBIA President for international relations.

The teams arriving by air can be met at the airport and taken to the venue of the championship by comfortable buses directly from the airport of Split (it is 7 km away from Trogir).

“All the details can be specified through the captains or team managers,” added Tsymbal.

By the way, participants of the Championship will be able to settle on the venue on June 9 (Monday) and leave the site on June 17 (Tuesday).

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania