Participants of “Battle of the Nations”-2014 will be able to have their armor repaired by blacksmiths

10 Apr 2014 12:55

There’ll be blacksmiths at “Battle of the Nations” to help fighters to get their armor repaired.

The news was conveyed by Anton Trubnikov, HMBIA President.

“At the last tournament, we had two blacksmiths who could polish, straighten or flatten damaged parts of armor. The participants were very pleased! We practise full contact fighting, which means blows are hard, and armor is made for the purpose of our safety, which means it is OK for armor to get dents. Knowing this specificity of our sport, we’ve decided to help our participants”, he said.

“Repair” service provided by blacksmiths is free for fighters,” added Trubnikov.

Victor Ponomarenko

“HMBIA News”

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania