Olga Mamayeva (Russia) about her historical costume: …new goals and successful experiments

28 Apr 2017 17:41
Olga Mamayeva – is a well known member of the HMB movement, also she is a very pleasant person and a beautiful woman. She has been providing us with great and particularly historical costumes for a couple of Championships now. The Championship of the World in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2017 will not be an exception. What Olga will show us this year HMBIA News decided to ask her personally.

This year, our heroine chose European costume of XIV century – standard woolen cotardie with skin-tight silhouette and bombards on the sleeves.

Olga Mamayeva: “It was among other things an experiment on the usage of lacing in the female costume. As it has shown, if the right wool was chosen, dresses with skin-tight silhouette can be made without it. Even my not so small breast fits.

The accessories weren’t that various at the time. Differing the period is the hairstyle on the tombstone of Lady Basset – braids along the face. Silk veil fixes to the hair with pins. In the XIV century dames liked very much the kruseler – kerchief decorated with numerous quilling on the edges. Its creation is difficult, so I chose the more simple version which I could manage making with my own hands”.

Her historical period of choice – XIV century, Olga explains with the desire of discovering something new and experimenting. She already has the costumes of XII and XV centuries in her closet.

Olga Mamayeva: “These two elements – bombards on the sleeves and braids along the face a la Basset – are a definitive feature of the XIV century. You can confuse it! You can’t see the belt on the photo, it’s more XV century optimized though some sources say that it already existed in XIV century. Considering the peculiarities of my stature. I suffered with lacing so much that I wanted a dress which will accentuate stature and won’t give me lacing troubles. Eventually< I made it!”

Any woman that lived in the XIV or lives in the XXI century is always cautious when choosing shoes. Olga, being a real woman she is, took this part with respective attention.

Olga Mamayeva: “I have good old chosses onmy legs, they haven’t changed throughout XII-XVI centuries. Shoes, in my case – poulaines without clasps, with not-so-long nose, of mildly red color. Poulaines acquired long nose only in XV century”.

However, regardless of the effort and careful preparation Olga is not planning to take part in the nomination of “best female authentic costume” on the Championship of the World in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2017 yet.

Olga Mamayeva: “There are already some girls who are going to participate from Russia as far as I know. So my participation can only be sudden and just to get some acquaintance with the silhouette of the XIV century costume”.

Olga Mamayeva has a very important task to accomplish on this year’s “Battle of the Nations” – supporting the national team of Russia. Sincere support – is always a pleasure for any participant, no matter which country they represent.

We would like to thank Olga Mamayeva for an interview and wish her new experiments and inspiration.


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