Norway is waiting for Tønsberg Medieval Festival!

30 May 2016 16:34

The 2nd year of “Tønsberg Medieval Festival” is near. Last year was a great success and every participant enjoyed it. Nick Møller Pedersen told HMBIA News that he asked the teams for a review of the whole festival.

“Nørskovs Falcon Knights” HMB-club and Nick Møller Pedersen are working hard to do this year festival will be even better. 3-5th of June audience will see fights in few categories. According to Nick Møller Pedersen – organizer of “Tønsberg Medieval Festival”, chairman of Norwegian HMB organization (Norway), there will be 2 or 3 nominations and even money prize can be.

Nick Møller Pedersen: “We will do “5vs5″ with a money price IF we get the sponsorship, “3vs3″ and singles if wanted. We will decide at the festival when we know how many are interested. I know that Denmark will come with a team, then i have alot of maybes from other countries and clubs. I`m sure that every organizer knows this. But i have faith in people. So far I hope to see a team from Spain, a team from France, and the Netherlands. If we are lucky maybe UK would do us the honour. Maybe Sweden again. I just hope some will take the trip”.

Orgteam trying to do everything possible to make “Tønsberg Medieval Festival” interesting and attractive. That is why they care about great decorations for the event. Tønsberg Slotsfjell is an old Castle with only one tower left, its on a small mountain in the middle of Norways Oldest town. Tønsberg has alot of old sightseeing to be visited, for example the Oseberg Vikingship.

Nick Møller Pedersen: “I want to make the Guest teams feel taken care of, while enjoying the festival and fighting of cause. That is why we have offered a free sightseing, thursday day, Thursday evening, a special treat we have set up a bigscreen where we will be showing the new Norwegian Viking film “Birkebeineren” .

Also Petersen told us that orgteam of the “Tønsberg Medieval Festival” managed to get food for the team, 1 hot meal and 1-2 drinks for evening and also there`s a food tent where sportsmen can go and supply themself as much as they want.


Nick Møller Pedersen: “I want to make bonds between teams, make sure that we can connect on that brotherly base there is between us fighters in the HMB enviroment”.

If you have questions concerning “Tønsberg Medieval Festival”, you can visit oficial Facebook page of this event and contact the orgteam

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1st-4th July
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