“Nordburg Cup”-2015: results and impressions

01 Oct 2015 16:14
26 of September picturesque city of Tallinn met Championship in full contact medieval battles “Nordburg Cup”-2015. The center of the Old Town was attended by fighters from Russia, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus. The organizer of “Nordburg Cup” and captain of “Nordburg” HMB-clud (Tallinn, Estonia) Nikolai Bykov told about the tournament, the winners and the niceties of the organization.

Open Stage Tallinn City Theatre hospitably opened its doors to sportsmen placing the list to the fighting in the categories “3 vs 3″ and profights for female-fighters.

At the end of the competition, the standings were:
1st place – “Luzern” (Belarus)
2nd place – “Santa Lucia” (Latvia / Estonia)
3rd place – “West Tower” (Russia)
In the women’s profights Tatiana Derbeneva (Russia) met Olga Grabowska (Ukraine) at the list. Tatiana Derbeneva won by a margin of one point.

Nikolai Bykov, organizer of the Championship in full contact medieval battles “Nordburg Cup”-2015, captain of HMB0-club “Nordburg” (Tallinn, Estonia): “There are mass impressions left after the tournament – fights were quite dynamic and tough. I remember the Belarusians in alliance with Misha Morgulis – they worked clean and tidy as an experienced surgeon. Pleasant impression left guys from the club “West Tower” (Kaliningrad, Russia) – funny, strong, fervent. The audience loved them much and they can safely open the fan-club in our country. Finns were very good – although there were only three fighters, but kept very dignified and showed himself as strong team”.

Sportsmen from Finland were satisfied with their participation in the “Nordburg Cup”-2015 too.

Arttu Mikkonen, fighter of “Jyväskylä” HMB-club, “Nordburg Cup”-2015 participant: “Though we only had three fighrers in our team we enjoyed the nordburg cup. Fights were tough as other teams were strong and had experienced fighters. It is always a good chance to learn. Also the location of nordburg cup  in the old-Tallin was excellent!”.

However, as recognized by Nikolai Bykov, not everything went smoothly in the preparation for the event. “Nordburg Cup”-2015 – the first international event organized by Nikolai and his team. HMBIA helped with information support and advice for the event, based on experience in the organization and conduct of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”.

According to the Estonian captain, they had to face a lot of difficulties, mainly bureaucratic in the process of preparation for the championship. Thus, due to the fact that the event is held in the Old Town, orgteam had to get a lot of permits and to deal with a private security firm. As a result it made the championship much expensive. But these difficulties were not the most difficult.

Nikolai Bykov, the organizer of the Championship in full contact medieval battles “Nordburg Cup”-2015, captain of HMB-club “Nordburg” (Tallinn, Estonia): “The hardest part was to make sure that all the participants got to the event without problems. Unfortunately, it did not work – Ukrainian woman landed on the border with Belarus because of the swords and profights could not take place. I had to get out and buy plane tickets urgently”.

However, to overcome all the difficulties was passed away and the event took place as planned. Inspired by the success, Estonians are making plans for the future.

Nikolai Bykov, the organizer of the Championship in full contact medieval battles “Nordburg Cup”-2015, captain of HMB-club “Nordburg” (Tallinn, Estonia): “We have great plans for the future. We hope to held the same tournament in the Old Tallinn again, but in the format of “5vs5″ next year. I’d like to repeat everything, because five fights for the team – still not enough”.

Speaking about his impressions from the tournament, Arttu Mikkonen admitted that fighting of Finnish trio impressed the beginners and inspired them to further development in the HMB-sport.

Arttu Mikkonen, fighter of “Jyväskylä” HMB-club, “Nordburg Cup”-2015 participant: “We also had some new people with us watching the fights. They got really good impression about what buhurt is and are now enthusiastic to get their own armor. We will go again next year.”

Photos by Mariya Alekhina  https://goo.gl/TU33Q8

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