Nikolai Bykov, Estonia:”….you can not be prepared for 2 things – for the death and “Dynamo″

14 Nov 2017 15:36
It will be the fourth “Dynamo Cup? for the team from Estonia this year. They have more than enough experience of participation in one of the most difficult tournament in the world, so, according to Nikolai Bykov, they are preparing “in the standard mode.” HMBIA News asked Nicholai to tell about this more detail. The story turned out to be informative, but not without a grain of irony. It is in the Mr. Bykov`s style.

Nikolai Bykov:
“Usually we gather and sparring in full outfit on Sundays. The only thing is that we use wooden sticks instead of steel weapons. We gather into teams of three and work together against the opponent team.”3 vs 3″, “3 vs 4″,”4 vs 4″. Usually “3 vs 3″, as our training center is small and if there are more than six people in the stadium, it becomes crowded”.

The guys from Estonia are ready for anything, to meet with any opponents. And the experience of participating in “Dynamo” taught them one simple truth.

Nikolai Bykov:
“It is our fourth “Dynamo Cup”, so we are planning nothing for it. Why? Because you can not be prepared for 2 things in your life – for the death and for “Dynamo?. All your plans can be destroyed. It does not matter who you are fighting with. So, of course, I would like to get more victories, and then we’ll see.”

We will see it as well. And we will publish the results of “Dynamo Cup”-2017 in our next articles.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania