“Newbery Medieval Combat” from Argentina – one of the first female team registrated in the Buhurt League

04 Jan 2018 18:09
Argentinians are so active in HMB sport. They even registrated the female team in the Buhurt League almost earlier then others. So “Newbery Medieval Combat” from Argentina became the second female team in the world registrated in the Buhurt League System. It`s the great achivement and big stimulus for other teams to do the same. Mariano Ozón, capitan of the club told us about it.

Mariano Ozón:
“Our two teams have the same name today – “Newbery Medieval Combat”. My experience in sports, five years ago, taught me that in general women’s teams do not receive all the attention they deserve. First the male team and then the female team. And I do not think it`s fair. I think the forces should be set equally in both. That the feminine presence grows in the sport, that they enter in the pair of the men, that social barriers are broken but it costs a lot to involve women in combat”.

Mariano also told HMBIA News reporter that he is so glad that there are more and more female fighters in HMB movement all over the world. He said that ladies were always told that these sports were for men, and that stopped them. Luckily, fear is disappearing. Important is for example that they fought in the “Dynamo Cup”-2017. A great achievement. A conquest and a fair recognition of the effort they have been making”.

HMBIA agree with Mariano concerning attitude to female fighters and there are more and more categories for female fighters appear in the tournaments worldwide each year.

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