New women’s category will be represented at “Battle of the Nations”-2015

22 Dec 2014 11:19

As you know, women participate in historical medieval battles. The World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2014 even presented an official category – women’s “Triathlon”. Unfortunately, the National Teams of participating countries have not so many representatives of the fair sex in their compositions at the moment, but, according to the participating women, they want to fight more, and not only in the “1 vs 1″, or simply do fencing, but to take part in buhurts as well.

According to HMBIA, there are very few National Teams today which would be able to gather the right number of female fighters for the categories of “3 vs 3″ or “5 vs 5″. In this regard, a collective decision was made at the summit in Prague, namely to introduce a formal category of “All vs All” for women. According to the Organizing Committee of “Battle of the Nations” representatives, they do everything possible to introduce the category of “5 vs 5″ for women in the future. But it’s a matter of prospect, there are no opportunities for that at the moment, so the “All vs All” is introduced.

Representatives of HMBIA are sure that women’s buhurts will be no less spectacular than those conducted by men.



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania