New ways to make a dream come true!

20 Mar 2018 18:00

Chile has serious plans to take part in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”- 2018. This year they decided to try new ways to reach this goal. Christian Andrés Toro Berríos, the captain of the National Team of Chile, decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to get money for a trip to Rome in order to participate as the National Team and fight in “5 vs 5″ and duel categories.

It is very important for the Chilean athletes and they are going to make a last effort with this campaign.

Christian Andrés Toro Berríos:
“We pursuit this objective for the last three years, everyone knows that, but money is always a big problem for us, because we live so far from Europe. This year, we want to make something different and hope to get different results, and with this idea we start this crowdfunding campaign on the “Ideame” platform. We will offer some symbolic retribution to people who donate to this project, and we hope all of our friends will help us to make the dream of these last three years come true”.

Here is a link to support the Chilean crowdfunding campaign:


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania