New round of HMB Soft development

16 Dec 2019 19:59
The 3rd HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs was held on December 7-8 in Riga, Latvia. This year, the tournament organizers presented several innovations of the tournament part of the Championship. In addition, this year the geography of the tournament has expanded significantly – athletes from Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia came for World Championship medals. And also for the first time, representatives of Israel and Brazil took part here. Another innovation of the Championship was its duration! The tournament lasted for 2 days! All this clearly indicates that every year the HMB Soft Championship is growing and developing, and is gaining strength. However, let’s start from the very beginning!
According to Ali Askerov, curator of HMB Soft Russia, the organizer of the Championship and the chief marshal of the event, every year the HMB Soft World Championship  among schools and clubs is getting bigger:
“This year, a huge step forward was made – namely a new category for age 10-11 years old, and the presentation of group 5vs5 fights, new countries that sent their participants for the first time. it’s all very important and incredibly nice! ”2019 gave young athletes a new age category of 10-11 years in individual fights. In addition, for the first time there were  5 vs 5 group fights in the age groups of 10-11, 12-14 and 15-17 years. This is a team competition based on fencing and the teamwork of athletes. There are no martial arts techniques, no kicks or throws. Everything is built on maneuvering and fencing. The presentation of group fights was very stressing for the organizers of the Championship. However, all the worrying was in vain! Young athletes and their trainers did an excellent job. During the fighting, the athletes were given a lot of useful advice from the support group, which included coaches and current HMB athletes).
The full results of the battles of all age groups are as follows:
Individual Fight Results
Age group 10-11:
1. Kosmacheva Anastasia
2. Chinkina Catherine
3. Zhidkova Polina
1. Malich Vladislav
2. Deev Sergey
3. Akishin Ivan12-13 years old
1. Falkowska Joanna
2. Burmistrova Alina
3. Litovchenko Alexandra
1. Lukas Maffre
2. Florian Henault-Dano
3. Brekhov Egor
14-15 years old
1 Verolinaine Daniel (“Tannenberg”)
2 Yevtyukhov Egor (“Tannenberg”)
3 Shuev Artyom (“Knyazhij Styag”)
14-15 years old
1 Stetsenko Lada (“Tannenberg”)
2 Volkova Elizabeth (“Peresvet”)
3 Victoria Sosna (“Niepokorni”)
16-17 years old,
1 Alkalis Gleb (“Knyazhij Styag”)
2 Shubin Ivan (“Rolfheim”)
3 Samokhvalov Roman (“Nuremberg”)
16-17 years old
1 Kononova Maria (“The Northern Wolf”)
2 Varentsova Olga (“The Northern Wolf”)
3 Victoria Ruzhnikova (“Knyazhij Styag”)

Team fights
10-11 years old
1 “Wolf Cubs”
2 “Regions”
3 “Wolf Cubs 2”
12-14 years old:
1 “Eagles”
2 “Wolves 1”
3 “Wolves 2”
15-17 years old
1 “Knyazhij Styagr”
2 “The Northern Wolf”
3 “Oprichniki”
Breakthrough of the year in duels:
Ernesto Brodella Sampai (Silver Sword Company HMB club, Brazil )
For the will to win duels:
Yonatan Goldberg, Israel
Breakthrough of the year (teams)
Team “France” from France
For the will to win:
“International team”
Congratulations to the winners!
Ali Askerov:
“There were no children or teenagers here, but real athletes. During the fighting, they are organized, technical, strictly abide by the rules …. And after fights they become just ordinary children – they laugh, support other participants, rejoice at victories and are saddened by defeats. They played, ran, and no one was confused by the language barrier. They spoke the language of friendship. Of course, not everyone can be a winner. But, no doubt, each participant got a combat experience here! It is very valuable and necessary for the athlete. We heartily congratulate all participants of the Championship and are proud of everyone of them! ”
The 3rd HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs in Riga has come to an end. These were 2 days of interesting and uncompromising battles, tears of joy of victory, sadness of defeat … Emotions beat over the edge and happiness came to those who had the opportunity to become part of all this, to share with the participants the incredible atmosphere that prevailed in the Championship!
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