New generation in HMB sport

27 Feb 2017 21:12

Many clubs of HMB culture are thinking about cultivation of younger generation of champions. Because in other case, clubs would be in danger of disappearing in the future. Of course, there are some ways to avoid this: to find the team of athletes from other sports or people who want to engage in this sport. But the question is: will they also be good in comparison with those who have learned to hold the sword since childhood? Will they also be purposefully refined to get into the core of their team, and may even protect their country’s colors?

Ukrainian Armored Full Contact Fighting Club “KNYAZ” can boast of their own developments in the education of the rising generation. The children’s and youth section of the club, which celebrates its first year of existence in February, is one of the largest in Ukraine and has more than 14 boys and girls. The club has already had its first successes in the national arena: after a recent national selection, the club’s youth division will go to the European Sword Battle Championships, which would be held on 11-12 March in Minsk, Belarus. The young fighters will be able to test there for the first time in an international tournament.

In addition, young men who have reached the age of 16 are already beginning to train with the medalists of the Battle of Nations. Soon they are going to try their skills in the adult league, wear the armor, and fight in a battle.

The historic medieval battle is far advanced as a sport. HMB sport has a recognition, its league, history, legends, and its World Championship. So why don’t you make your contribution to the development and training of the rising generation? If you have any accomplishments, or you just want to tell all of us what you have done in the development and promotion of this sport among children, write us to!

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