New Fastest Sword Challenge for HMB ladies

19 Feb 2021 15:26
Time to shake things up a bit and join our Fastest Sword Challenge! The idea of the virtual competition was suggested by the World Champion in the Triathlon category Alexey Petrik and we immediately supported it as the way to celebrate the launch of the Duel League. But by starting this virtual competition we’d like to hit several targets and dedicate the 1st part of the competition to the HMB Women development.
So, ready to check your striking speed? The overall idea is easy – count the number of strikes you can do per 20 seconds. All you need is your sword, a training pell and a phone to record the video! Top 3 results will get special presents and all participants will get certificates!
1. Read detailed rules by the link –
2. Join the challenge by sharing this post with the comment “I’m in the Fastest Sword Challenge” and filling the form –
Don’t forget to add #shefights hashtag
3. Check your name in the final table that we’ll post on March 1st
4. Be ready to upload your video on March 2nd
5. And of course tag all the friends who might be interested in joining this virtual challenge!

P.S. Yes, we’ll have the same challenge for men a bit later. Ladies first.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania