My first BotN: Mikhail Morgulis (Israel)

01 Jun 2020 11:00

“Just recently I recalled how great it was to fight at that time. This year, the season burned out in a pandemic bonfire. In general, I often recall our first Battle of the Nations, which was in 2012 and became a strong impetus for us. Of course, there were people in our team who later stopped to practice HMB, but many of them are still with us”, Mikhail Morgulis began his story about the first “Battle of the Nations” for the Israel team.

According to Mikhail, the newcomers immediately liked the fact that the Championship was located within Warsaw and it was very convenient. They liked living in a historical camp, and they liked the audience!


“There was very warm support from the audience! We did not expect this. We were afraid that we would face anti-semitism, but no! All fights, except, of course, the battle against the Polish team, the audience cheered for us. Watching the video of that year’s battles, you can constantly hear how the audience shout “Israel! Israel!” So nice! ”


There were fights of course! Tough, interesting and spectacular. Mikhail participated in both the buhurts and duels. And the memories of opponents are still fresh in his memory, but not only the battles were remembered by him!

“I remembered the Danes who were huge and so scary, I remember the experienced and strong Poles. And outside the lists I made a lot of friends, I just can’t put it in words! Lots and lots of new acquaintances! These are Austrians, Americans, Belarusians, who helped us to  get to the “Battle of the Nations”, Ukrainians, Russians …. And, of course, gatherings in the camp. I remember the evening after the fights, when everyone was sitting in our camp around the campfire, singing songs in different languages. It was very cool!”


HMBIA News thanks Mikhail for the stories that he shared with us and our readers and hope that we will soon meet the Israeli team, led by their permanent captain, at the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2021.



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania