My first BotN: Jure Kutnar (Slovenia)

29 May 2020 11:00

For the first time the Slovenian national team took part in the Battle of the Nations in 2016. This was preceded by a real Challenge! That time the fighters from Slovenia were very helped by the organizers of the Championship:

“Without the help of organizers Sergey Tsymbal and Pavel Besaga we could not come and participate. The Ukrainian team captain lent us three full armors sets. Also Carola Sacchetti, the head of the Authentic Committee helped a lot and we got the opportunity to compete. It was the best experience for our team. We were there with more courage than ever”, recalls Jure.


The captain of Slovenia team mentioned that it was hard to get to Prague from the logistic point of view. They had to solve a lot of problems before the trip, but they handled it and managed to come. There Slovenian met a lot of participants from other countries and were amazed that everybody was ready to help in any possible way.


“So our brothers from Serbia got us some support on the list. And from then we start to build our national team! As for the fights I remember that feeling when you hear people from your own country singing a song in your language on a tribune which is priceless and unforgettable. After fights we usually sit down with all the brothers in arms and had some drinks and conversations. It’s something that money can not buy!”


Slovenians got a lot of friends and new knowledge that were quite useful in the process of building the National team and creating the training program for the fighters. Since that time fighters from Slovenia are trying to take part in the BotN every year and show us spectacular and exciting fights!



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania