My first BotN: Greg Polevoy (Canada)

02 May 2020 09:05

Canada’s national team debuted at the Battle of the Nations in 2016. The championship was held in Prague that year. Everything for the athletes was new, some questions constantly aroused and all the Canadians had to overcome some difficulties at the time. That is how the captain of the national team of Canada Greg Polevoy set his story.

“The team that we had consisted of me, three of my fighters and 4 representatives of Quebec. We performed well for the debut. In the 5 vs 5 we reached the playoffs, defeated the Czech team and lost to Russia 1”, – Greg said.


The place chosen for the Battle of the Nations was excellent, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the fantastic atmosphere of the Middle Ages, and many spectators came to support the teams. Besides, Canadians made another funny observation:

  “The list itself resembled a place for illegal fights without rules in an underground casino. We felt like gladiators of the Coliseum. ”


One of the most difficult fights of the Championship for  the Canadian national team was against the Czech Republic. And this fight was especially remembered by the Canadian captain:


When we were fighting with the Czechs, even the sky seemed to shout “Czechs! Czechs!” All the support of the audience was for our rivals. But we tried to ignore this and fight. They were tough. They hit us hard. But we won! ”

Defeating the Czech team for the debutantes is an excellent result! Further battles at the next Championships only confirmed the power of Canadians. The HMBIA News editorial office wishes new victories to the fighters of this country and hopes to meet them at the next HMB tournaments.



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1st-4th July
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