My first BotN: Franco Bianchetti (Switzerland)

27 May 2020 11:00

BotN 2013 in France inspired Franco Bianchetti and Sandro Bizzozzero to develop HMB sport in Switzerland and gave then a goal to a year! Franco Bianchetti, the captain of the national team of Switzerland told HMBIA News about his BotN debut and how did it influenced to his life.

“My first BotN was in France, 2013. Me and a friend, Sandro, both from South Switzerland (Ticino Canton) went to BotN without a National Team. It was still possible to be mercenary. I fought in the Argentinian team, and he fought with Team Italy. The results of these fights were good. The most important thing is that we understood we needed to build up a Swiss National Team!”

They got an awesome experience in France and could share it with other athletes. They were inspired and after returning home immediately started to search for people interested in HMB. And after some month they managed to have enough fighters and started to  train. They got the goal – to go to BotN 2014 with the national team of Switzerland, and they did it next year!

There was one more interesting story that Franco told us. Just imagine the situations and enjoy it:

“In France 2013 the most memorable moment was right before All vs All. Sandro was wearing a Swiss overcoat and I had Swiss flag with me. Russian fighters surrounded us friendly, taking our flag, giving us their flag, and started some conversation. It was fantastic, everybody had kinda “fear” of Russians so at first it was strange that 10 russian fighters were so interested in 2 Swiss fighters. Back then, we didn’t know the existence of the BERN team in Russia, and they didn’t know there was original true Swiss fighters at BotN 2013”. 


 HMBIA News are glad that during all these years we have an opportunity to see the national team of Switzerland on the lists of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations!




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1st-4th July
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