My first BotN: Edouard Eme, HMBIA President (France)

04 Jun 2020 11:00

Edouard Eme started his BotN journey with a trouble. He still remembers the situation:

“My first time in BotN was in 2011 in Khotyn. I was there as a civilian, as my armor and the 5 other French fighters were blocked at the border between Poland and Ukraine. I kept hope until the last moment that they would make it in time, but unfortunately they were forced to turn back. I was very upset but decided to channel my frustration into helping the Québec national team as a support as if it had been my own. I had a great time with them and that really saved that BotN for me” recalls Edouard.


Thank God such situation never happened again with the French fighters. As for the Botn 2011, Edouard thinks that the whole thing was similar to usual big medieval festivals he had already been to in Ukraine and Poland, only with more people and more competition. 

“I met a lot of extraordinary people and was very impressed by the level of the fighters” recalls Edouard.


Now we will tell you about the second Battle of the Nations for Edouard and actually the first one where he had an opportunity to fight. Quite predictable that it was in France, when the BotN came to Aigues-Mortes:

“It was the first time for the French national team, and I was its captain. It was a dream come true for all of us, first to have a full national team participating in every category, even 21vs21, second to have the BotN take place in our country. We never thought it could be possible. This BotN was a real baptism by fire for us, we learnt a lot and also showed our valor. Our fighters were really exalted, I remember us singing our national anthem with so much heart, it’s a great memory”.

The Battle of the Nations 2013 gave the French fighters a great impetus to improve and the National team of France shows fantastic results from year to year. Edouard Eme himself made a great step forward – starting as a civilian, then captain of the National team, the head of the French Federation and now he is the HMBIA President. Of course if you entered the lists of the BotN once, you’ll want to come back and fight!

So, HMBIA News thanks Edouard Eme for the interesting conversations and can’t wait to meet him on the BotN 2021 and other HMB events!



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania