My first BotN: Dmitrii Trostin (Russia)

01 May 2020 09:00

Dmitry Trostin, the captain of the Russian national team and a very famous representative of the HMB community, participated in organizing process of the first HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations in 2010. HMBIA News asked Dmitry to tell us how was it and what he was particularly impressed with at that tournament.

Firstlyl, of course, I want to say many thanks to all those people who created the Battle of the Nation. They have invested so much labor and efforts so that it generally takes place and exists! ” – noted Dmitry.


At the preparatory stage, according to Dmitry Trostin, he had to travel a lot to different cities. Two cities were particularly impressive: Kiev and Minsk. The presentation of the national team of Belarus was held in the capital of this country.


In 2010, Dmitry had several very important duties at once:

“As part of the Russian National Team preparations for this first Battle of the Nations, I helped organize a series of qualifying tournaments, also dealt with logistics, arranging the arrival of fighters and marshals from Russia and placing our athletes in locations already in the Khotyn Fortress itself. And at the Championship I was a field marshal” – recalls Dmitry.

Dmitry remembers very well what enthusiasm had the guys when they was going to the tournament, everyone was interested! Moreover, it was very interesting to our fighters to compete with foreign rivals. Everyone had certain expectations, hopes and sports enthusiasm. By the way, they still have this interest. When the fight of the Battle of the Nations -2010 began, serious passions boiled in the arena!

“It was clear that each round was with a very great emotional stress. The opponents were very worthy! Italians were remembered from foreign teams – their team participated in 2011. They then demonstrated very worthy, one might say, even chivalrous, courageous behavior. Thanks to all this, they forever settled in my heart! ” – admitted Dmitry Trostin.

In addition to the combat part of the Championship, there are many other important aspects of organizing the event. In particular, Dmitry remembered the organization of food – it was tasty,
nourishing and healthy. And also a huge number of spectators who came to the tournament and rejoiced with the participants in victories and supported the loses.

Then, in Khotyn, Dmitry Trostin made another important and warm observation:

“I would especially like to note that this Battle took place on the Dniester River, and this is my native river! I was born in the city of Tiraspol, on the left bank of the Dniester. I was very pleased to be near my homeland. I also remember people – the local residents of Khotin met us very well, very sincere people, they like to sing very much in the evenings, ”- recalls the captain of the Russian team.


In general, summarizing the conversation with the HMBIA News correspondent, Dmitry told us about the results of that first Battle of the Nations. According to him, it was clear that together we created a wonderful and promising project that people liked and he “shot like a cannon”.

“Today we see participants of the Battle of the Nations from almost all over the globe. This is a huge number of participants, a huge number of teams, the emergence of new nominations … We are developing and it is clear that people are interested. We can safely say that a whole generation of people has grown up at the “Battle of the Nations” and I hope that our beloved brainchild will continue to please and bring pleasure to both fighters and spectators!”

We are absolutely sure that it will be so! We thank Dmitry Trostin for an interesting conversation and memories of how the first HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” was held and look forward to the opening of the eleventh Championship in a row.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania