My first BotN: Christian Lehm Madsen (Denmark)

03 Jun 2020 13:00

They are strong and disciplined, they show good fights on the lists and outstanding friendliness outside it. They are from Denmark and their captain Christian Lehm Madsen looks like a real Scandinavian god. Now we will tell you about the Christian`s debut at the Battle of the Nations!
It was in Prague 2016. Christian Lehm Madsen that year was the captain of the Denmark 2 team. They had great fights with best HMB athletes of the world and showed fantastic results:

“We got the 9th place in 5vs5 and the Best New Team trophy. It was something that you can`t express with words! Our national team was so happy with their results”, recalls Christian. 

The debutant was amazed with everything that surrounded him. The huge tournament, a historical camp, hundreds of people sharing their love for HMB sport and new acquaintances impressed Christian:

“Just being part of it was amazing. Prague became a fantastic backdrop for the Battle of the Nations and strengthened my impression of the Championship. Amazing city! Hope to see that BotN will return there one day”.

No doubt, the Battle of the Nations in Prague was amazing! HMBIA News editorial office thanks Christian for a cheerful and sincere conversation and hopes to meet him and his team at the Battle of the Nations 2021.



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania