My first BotN: Adrian Vlad Nicolae (Romania)

02 Jun 2020 11:00

The legendary Jubilee Battle of the Nations 2019 in Serbia gave the Romanian national team the opportunity to start its big BotN journey. This year they made their dream come true and were so proud about it. HMBIA News asked Adrian Vlad Nicolae, the captain of the Romania national team, to tell us about their debut:

“It was a dream that came true to us. We were determined to do our best in the lists, although being aware of our limited experience in competing at this exceptional level, but most of all, we were focused to take every step as a lesson and to learn the most of it” told us Adrian Vlad.

During that Battle of the Nations, Romanians could get a lot of combat lessons as they had the opportunity to participate in the 5 vs 5 fights, Polearm duels and in the new mass categories 30 vs 30 and 150 vs 150:

“We had the great pleasure to be part of the well known Rakija Team banner, alongside our brothers from Serbia in 150vs150 battle. It was a great fighting, with and against exceptional athletes that we admire”.


We are sure that many participants of the Championship of last year remember the wonderful event that took place in the camp. A grand cultural exchange took place here – the participants treated each other with national dishes and drinks of their countries. For Adrian Vlad it was one of the touching and most memorable evenings:

“I remember with love the evening, when people from other countries gathered around the fires in the historical camp, tasting what we cooked for them and also what each of them brought, having a great time and talking about everything they liked. Also, I remember the heavy rain on the last day of the BOTN 2019, when we were packing in a rush, and, on a funny note, we thought that it would be a good idea to organize some Naval Medieval Battles next time”.


Also Adrian Vlad mentioned that they had over a 10 hour ride to get to the Smederevo Fortress. According to him, it wasn’t a long way for them, as they used to “fight and travel” thanks to the friendship and partnership with the Serbian team that goes back many years. So let’s hope together that Romania team will have an opportunity to travel to the location of the BotN 2021 and fight there! 


HMBIA News  

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania