Mikhail Morgulis taught the lesson

06 May 2018 14:26

The captain of the National Team of Israel Michael Morgulis held a workshop in the HMB Soft arena. He told young athletes about the combat technique in the “Profight” and they worked out all these techniques together. Guys worked out the technique of strikes, defence and attack with Mikhail. The athletes spent together about an hour. Michael not only shown the techniques, but also talked about the situations in the lists, when these skills can come in handy. The athletes learned a lot of useful things from the captain of Israel, and now they can work through Mikhail’s recommendations.

Additionally, the representatives of the National Team of Brazil, led by a captain Filipe Canabrava, came to the HMB Soft area. According to him, Brazilians are interested in the development of HMB Soft directions in their country.

Filipe Canabrava:
“Most of our clubs use HMB Soft trainings. There is an HMB Soft project in public schools and in places where people do not have an access to this kind of sport. Through that, we will do seminars and places only for HMB Soft, so children can fight and discover what the world of HMB is. Actually, HMB Soft is the starting point for fighters’ deserve. Because we have lots of costs in buying armour, they can experience this part in a cheaper way and see if they like it. We have many problems, when children involved in some common social problems, and we can remove them from that awful part of the world and put them into something that can grow them as persons.

Moreover, this day, HMB Soft athletes met the President of HMBIA Edouard Eme. He turned to the young athletes – the proud for the guys was felt in his words. He said that it is really wonderful that the next generation of HMB fighters is already growing. He noted that the earlier you begin to train, the more experience you gain.

“I see future Gladkovs, Ukolovs, Kunchenko in you and I hope that you will be stronger, better and more technical than them, and this gives me the joy and confidence that HMB sports will develop.”

After the workshop, fighters from Brazil had an opportunity to conduct a series of sparring sessions with the Champions of HMB Soft.

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