Middle Ages returned to the Peter and Paul Fortress

15 Jul 2019 13:53
The historical festival Battle on the Neva is over. For 2 days Peter and Paul Fortress lived as if in the Middle Ages. Beautiful ladies and brave mighty knights in iron armor surprised and amazed guests of the festival with their skill and courage. There were the 5 vs 5 male and female fights, duels in the Polearm male nomination, the profights, as well as the knightly battles on horse and on foot.

The tournament was attended by very interesting and experienced teams who are legends of HMB not only in Russia, but also in the whole world: Partizan, Old Friends and Bayard. The fighters from the HMB Schools, who formed the HMB School 1 team, the Partizan 3 team which is growing in strength and the well-established Russian Order, competed against the legends.

The three leaders were quite predictable, but the intrigue was kept til the end. The result of the men’s fights of buhurt was as follows:
1. Partizan
2. Old Friends
3. Bayard

There were only 3 women’s teams, but the athletes did not yield to the men in beauty and fighting skills. Their fights were spectacular and unpredictable, the public supported the girls with all their hearts. Places on the podium are as follows:
1. Iskra
2. Katyusha
3. Sarma

Victory in the battles with polearm was achieved by Yaroslav Rusanov.
Also, the audience’s award was presented to Cao Yingke – the fighter from China who fought as part of the HMB School 1 team.

It is worth noting that the tournament was held at a very high professional level – during the tournament the judges gave only one yellow card during female buhurts and no red card to the participants at all. Also, no fighter got serious injuries on the lists. Athletes have demonstrated a high level of skill and combat culture. The most pleasant thing is to see how recent opponents shake hands, going out the lists, congratulating them on their victory and sharing their experience with their brothers in arms.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania