Michаel Tegge, Friesland: “We are proud, that we will represent frisians at the World Championship”

08 Jun 2014 13:07

As we are a very young team in the HMB movement, most Frisian fighters are engaged in full-contact fights, actually sword fighting. So we had to equip the whole team with new heavy armor.

What about our appearance. We will show how Frisian fighters looked in 14th century.

As most of our buhurt fighters from the Team of Frisia 1 are not going, National team of Friesland will be represented by our backup Frisia 2.

“1 vs 1” category will be represented by 3 very strong fighters. They are Magnus Wiegand, who took 2nd place in the inter-Frisian sword Championships of 2012 and 2014 years, Oliver Rabe, the winner of inter-Frisian sword fighting in 2014, and the second place in 2013. Also young, but very experienced fighter Keno Töpfer.

Also we will participate in woman category. We have two women-fighters – Denise Brinkmann and Jacqueline Weppler. Jacqueline took the 3rd place in the “Rise of the Knights” tournament, organized for women in Germany in January 2014.

We will arrive with 8 fighters and proud, that we have such an opportunity to represent frisians at the World Championship in Historical medieval battle.

Michаel Tegge,
captain of National team of Friesland

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania